Mothers Day Gift Ideas!

With Mothers Day fast approaching, lets not leave it to the last minute and let us help pick out some lovely presents all available from our Humble Market!

Botanical Mini Posy

Now this one is first on our list! This amazing postbox posy is handpicked, plastic free whilst looking and smelling amazing! They last for ages as well meaning you can grab them a few days before the rush and they should be good for the all important day!

Click here to buy!

Humble Market -  'The Botanical' Mini Posy Fresh Flower Delivery - FlowerBe
Humble Market – Botanical Mini Posy

Pine Kokedama Bonsai

This ones for the green fingered mums among us! Easier to look after than most bonsais due to the amazing ‘dunk in a jug and wait for the bubbles to stop’ watering method. This amazing Pine Bonsai smells great and is the gift that lasts!

Click here for Pine Kokedama Bonsai from our Humble Market

Humble Market -  Bonsai Tree - Live 9 Year Old Pine Kokedama - Tranquil Plants
Humble Market – Pine Kokedama

Vegan Classic Mixed Truffles

Now this ones a real hidden gem! Double Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Butter Nut Truffles all lovely hand made and we genuinely can’t pick a favourite because they’re all so delicious! You can buy a little 6 pack as a trial or for the real truffle lover mums go for the box of 24 and you’ll never regret it!

Click here for delicious truffles!

Humble Market -  Classic Mixed Truffle Box - Truffle Pig Vegan
Humble Market – Vegan Truffles

Happy Blend – Natural Soy Candle

You can’t go wrong with a candle for Mothers Day – especially one as nice as this! Made from natural ingredients and hand poured, this vegan friendly candle has a burn time of 35 hours and is designed to uplift with scents of fresh lemongrass and citrus fruit.

Click here to be uplifted by this candle!

Humble Market -  Happy Blend Eight - Natural Candle - Lagom Essence
Humble Market – Soy Candle

Rose Geranium & Peppermint Balm

This balm is lovingly hand made and hand poured into these delightful, eco friendly tins and make for a wonderful Mother’s Day stocking filler! These vegan friendly balms can be used as a facial cleanser, moisturiser or hair conditioner and you definitely need one in your life permanently!

Click here to buy AllBalm Balms!

Humble Market -  Rose Geranium & Peppermint Balm - AllBalm Skincare
Humble Market – AllBalm

Vegan Oreo Brownies

And last but certainly not least on our list are the delicious A Kind Mama Vegan Oreo Brownies. Probably the best brownie you will be able to give as a gift, there really isnt much more that needs to be said! If your Mum likes chocolatey, gooey brownies and the ability to sleep at night as they’re cruelty free then you can’t go wrong!

Shop A Kind Mama Vegan Oreo Brownies from our Humble Market

Humble Market -  Vegan Oreo Brownies (6) - A Kind Mama Vegan Bakery
Humble Market – A Kind Mama Vegan Brownies

For more Mother’s Day Gifts along with vegan friendly foods, unique home products, skin care and more please visit our Humble Market!

Humble Market

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