Good News of the Week – 16/03/2020

Life at the moment can be a bit depressing what with the whole world shutting down. Lets lift those spirits shall we!

Wuhan temporary hospitals are shutting down!

China had created 16 temporary hospitals in the city of Wuhan (the epicentre of the outbreak) in order to help those in need. But the good news is due to falling number of new cases, the last temporary hospital closed its doors last week!

Penguin Zookeepers

Due to the closure of the zoo, these penguins took it upon themselves to check in with the locals to make sure all was up to scratch ready for the reopening! This mating pair of Rockhopper penguins were given the roam of their empty aquarium as a stimulation exercise and certainly made the most of it!

Colour Blind Contacts!

A team at Tel Aviv University have reportedly found a process to make contact lenses help restore the colour vision of those that struggle to tell apart green and red hues. This technology already exists in special glasses but soon they are hoping to have the technology available in contact lens form!

Beavers Back in Business!

Britain has been without native beavers for 400 years; thats way too long for our long tooth friends to be out of a job in the UK! But a five year study in which they were reintroduced has noticed a positive increase in fish, amphibians and other wildlife – There were 37% more fish in pools created by beaver dams than in comparable stretches of river! They have also been shown to help reducing pollution and flooding in flood-prone villages!

Humpback Whales on the mend

According to a study produced in October of 2019, the Western South Atlantic Humpback’s number have grown significantly to approx 25,000! Putting this into perspective for you, due to the significant whaling industry and other cultural factors, their numbers were as low as 450 at one point. It is said that the Western Sout Atlantic Humpback has recovered 90% of its historic population!

Image result for humpback whale

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